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Online User Manual - Captivate Training Exe.

Videos and interactive demos going over ISISTrac.

Release Notes

Access to the PDFs covering past releases including a quick video showcasing the larger changes. PDFs have been updated to be more user friendly to include videos, GIFs, tables and pictures.

EDI Help Desk & Employee Info.

A small contact list to directly contact a few of EDI's employees who deal directly with staff in the field and with the other affiliated companies/departments.

Past Newsletters

A table containing the past newsletter that have been released for easy download.

PDF and Word Resources

A table for the PDF guides and tutorials available for a variety of subjects.

Instructional Trainer List

An easy to access list of the instructional trainers, their region and email.

Helpful Links: Training Sites, Youtube, Etc.

Training links, YouTube link, etc.

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